This is it! Reflections on the Eve of Edcamphome


It’s just before midnight the night before #edcamphome and I have just finished the tutorials and skill building with google hangout that will, hopefully fingers crossed, toes crossed, enable me to successfully participate tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know about Edcamphome, it is an online edcamp all can participate in from home.

What occured to me during this evening is that this event is a phenomenal example of why computer technology,despite the very real ethical and pedagogical dilemmas it poses, is such a great thing for the teaching profession. This summer I’ve been completing my 23things course and that has led me to think a great deal about edtech, its ramifications, and my personal educational philosophy with regards to technology. I have questioned

So here is the thing, while I definitely agreee  that it isn’t technology but teachers that are important, I do think that tech is incredibly important for the profession of teachers. It allows us to grow, learn, improve in ways that will make us better teachers and our students will benefit. That is after all the whole point. So I look forward to my online conference tomorrow which I am sure will be a terrific success because of the hardwork of its organizers, and even if I have technical glitches I do believe I’ve already gotten a great deal out of this experience.

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